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Safety Rangers Games

Because learning through play is the best activity that children can develop their social and cognitive skills, CPCR designs a new learning tool for children, supported by PARTAGE. ‘Safety Rangers Games’ is a board game for children aged 9 – 12. Children play ‘Safety Rangers’ who use their own power, knowledge, wisdom and courage to fight against monsters. Monsters in the game represent dangers or unsafe situations of everyday life.

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Stop Violence Against Children

A Message from Ms. Wassana Kaonoparat,

CPCR Director

#OnlyChangeCanStopChildViolence #StopViolenceAgainstChildren

5 Key Ways to Empower and Protect your Children during COVID-19 Pandemic

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5 Key Ways to Protect Yourself

'Keeping a Safe Distance', 'Checking Your Own Feeling', 'Giving a Shout',

Moving Away' & 'Sharing Stories'

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Feeling 'YES', Feeling 'NO',

A sex education program 

which teaches our children

to avoid being sexually assualted

by people they trust and strangers

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